Our aim is to regenerate the north part of the town centre between West Herts College South and where Clarendon Road joins the High Street to provide a destination where education, cultural and leisure uses are concentrated in a much improved setting which reflects the heritages assets. To give further vitality to support the wider area we would like to provide much needed family homes.


The key objectives for the masterplan are to:

  • Create a vibrant, economically successful hub at the northern end of the town centre, which will better balance the intu and Met Quarter/Market street area of the town centre

  • Improve the top of the town centre, with a new exciting mix of cultural, community, residential, evening economy and retail uses

  • Provide a strategy for a renewed indoor/outdoor market

  • Provide a strategy to protect the future of two of the town’s key listed buildings – the Town Hall and Watford Museum

  • Reduce the impact of cars and other vehicles in the area, making it more pedestrian and cycle friendly and creating an attractive environment for everyone

There are a number of key areas which have been identified as showing potential for redevelopment and improvement, and the Draft Masterplan has grouped them under Phase 1, 2 and 3.


Phase 1 is likely to include: Rickmansworth Road subway, the Town Hall,  land adjacent to Watford Library, the Avenue Car Park/gyratory, the Avenue Clinic, and the surface level car parks and offices behind the Town Hall/The Colosseum including the other NHS clinic. 


Phase 2 could include: The area around Sainsbury’s and Iceland, Woodlands Parade, Gade House, Watford Telephone Exchange building, Wellstones car parks, Exchange House, Watford House Lane and New Watford Market

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